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Reiki Treatments

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” in Japanese.
We all have this life force energy flowing through our bodies, but when this energy becomes depleted, or there are blockages, this can eventually result in illness.
Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing, where the Reiki healer’s hands are held over specific points on the body for the length of the treatment. It is the technique for the transference of healing energy from a giver to a receiver.

A Reiki practitioner will act as a channel for the Reiki energy, helping energy blockages to be dispersed, increase energy flow, and also balance the body’s energy centres (chakras). The human body is very clever at healing itself. If it is in balance, with a high energy level through Reiki, then the body can begin to heal itself naturally.

It is a lovely, gentle, non-invasive therapy, and is totally safe. It is gentle enough to be used during pregnancy, being relaxing for the unborn baby, and can be used on children and animals. It can also be used to complement other therapies, increasing their effectiveness. The client may feel heat, or cold, or tingling sensations, or sometimes see colours. A treatment will last for around an hour, and the client remains fully clothed, either lying on a couch, or seated.

Reiki will always be used by the body where it is needed. It can be effective in the treatment of emotional problems, stress, M.E., recurring niggling colds and other infections. It is a useful tool in the management of pain relief, such a period pains and headaches, and also after surgery or chemotherapy, for example, and it helps the body to bounce back from the stress of taking medicinal drugs.

Sometimes energy blocks can be present in the body, such as after a shock, an accident or a fall, or after a whiplash injury, and Reiki will gently release them.

Anyone feeling the demands and pressures of modern life, and who wants to achieve inner harmony, can benefit from regular treatments. It strengthens the immune system, and makes you more energised.

Making Reiki part of your life can bring you inner peace, and an increased sense of general well-being.

Reiki for emotional healing

When negative emotions are suppressed, particularly after a prolonged period, this uses up your life-force energy, and you will eventually feel lethargic, and detached from any positive emotions, almost “switched off” from everyday life. Anyone who has ever suffered a bout of depression will be able to relate to this.

Having regular Reiki treatments at this time will replenish your life force energy, and help to re-balance your energy centres (chakras), helping you to release any anger, pain, fear, sadness or guilt which you have been trying to bottle up.

The releasing of these negative energies will eventually help you to recognise and relate to how they developed, and so ultimately deal with them on a conscious level..

Reiki can help you work through the bereavement process, as suppressed emotions can be gently brought to the surface.