Therapies & Treatments


A very gentle, non-invasive therapy, enhancing your own body’s energy and a useful tool for helping you achieve inner harmony, and a general sense of well-being. Very balancing, and useful after illness/post operative recuperation.
60 minutes

Chakra Balancing

Whilst you are in a relaxed state, specific crystals are placed on your 7 major Chakra points, and your bodys energies brought in to balance, enabling the body to work to its full potential.
45 minutes – 60 minutes

Massage Treatments

Full body massage – 60 minutes
Back, Neck & Shoulders massage – 30 minutes – 45 minutes
These can be purely for pampering & relaxation, or using sports massage techniques for targeting specific problems. (Also available as Aromatherapy massages using pre-blended oils if preferred)

Happy Soles massage (hands & feet) – 30 minutes
Lively Legs Massage – 30 minutes
Great for preparing for a run or other sporting event, or just for reviving those hard working pins!

Indian Head Massage – 30 minutes
A seated massage treatment using an ergonomic massage chair, with the client remaining clothed. We work on the upper third of the back, upper arms, neck, and scalp, to help you feel revived and energised

The Big Chill – 90 minutes
The ultimate top to toe full body massage, including face and scalp, and incorporating some Reiki.

The Bigger Chill -2 hours
The ultimate top to toe full body massage, including face and scalp, and incorporating some Reiki.

The following short 15 minute treatments may be booked as add-ons to your main treatment.
They are only available in addition to your main treatment.
Heavenly scalp massage
Colonic (Abdominal massage)
Foot massage
Angel Card reading
Patrick Gamble Oracle Card Reading

Beauty Treatments

Pure indulgence holistic facial – 45 minutes
Your skin type is assessed, followed by a cleanse, exfoliation and tone. Feel your tensions melt away with a neck and shoulder massage, and a facial massage. Whilst the nourishing and hydrating mask takes effect, enjoy your choice of either a Heavenly Scalp Massage, or a mini Reiki treatment, to re-balance and harmonise mind, body and soul. The treatment ends with the application of moisturiser.
All products are organic, with naturally active ingredients and essential oils, and not tested on animals.

Or for just a quick boost
Mini facial – 30 minutes
Skin type assessment, cleanse, exfoliation, tone, facial massage, moisturise.


Our feet have reflex points which correspond to certain organs and glands in the body. By applying pressure to these points, imbalances within the body may be detected, and your bodys natural healing mechanisms will be stimulated, gently bringing the bodys systems back in to harmony once more. (Please see our page on reflexology for more detailed information)
60 minutes